List with miscellaneous press

BrandShort descriptionlink
Foellmer – OK/90tape insertermore info
Eirilux – Systemdaylight control tablemore info
Heidelberg – RollerMaticwinder for washing clothmore info
ETI – HBC-8(D)Bchillermore info
Baldwin – Jimek SCwashing tank and pumpmore info
Degra – Fra-560roller washermore info
Inkt Master – 850roller washermore info
Tin-Canwaste pressmore info
Rietschlepowder spraymore info
Universalpowder spraymore info
Gestetner – 201 or 211 ink unitsmore info
Heidelberg – GTO46+numbering- & perforating unitmore info
Heidelberg – PM or QMdistributer rollermore info
Heidelberg – TOK or TOMrubber blanketsmore info
Heidelberg – KORD 64partsmore info
Heidelberg – GTO, TOK or QMpartsmore info
Shinohara/Fuji – 52rubber blanketsmore info
Universal mixers for glue and coatingsmore info

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