List with press machinery

1-colour Short descriptionlink
Gestetner – 313CDoffset, 320×440 mmsmore info
Heidelberg – GTO46+ NPoffset, 460×320 mmsmore info
Heidelberg – GTO46+offset, 460×320 mmsmore info
Hamada – Alpha 52 NPoffset, 520×360 mmsmore info
Shinohara – 52-IIoffset, 520×370 mmsmore info
Shinohara – 52-IIP NPoffset, 520×360 mmsmore info
Adast – Dominant 525Poffset, 520×381 mmsmore info
Whitacre – Diamond Superspeedoffset, 510×430 mmsmore info
Misc. machinery
Digital machineryprinters & copiersmore info
Plate punchesvarious brands & sizesmore info
Densitometersvarious brands & typesmore info
Envelope feederstack- & stream feedersmore info
Platen & letterpressvarious brands & sizesmore info
Numbering & perforatingvarious brands & sizesmore info
Pile turnersvarious brands & sizesmore info
Miscellaneousvarious equipmentmore info
Motors, compressors & pumpsvarious itemsmore info

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