Incoterms 2020

Incoterms are used for determining the costs and risks between buyers and sellers in the international trade.

Incoterms define the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer regarding supply and transport documents, the risk transition between salesman and buyer, as well as the cost division between salesmen and buyers.
Incoterms are valid only if they were expressly contractually agreed upon and in the sales contract or eg. in offers, general sales conditions, orders, order confirmations, etc. mentioned or are held in a separate declaration/agreement.


Incoterms              DescriptionPlace of delivery
EXWEx worksFactory of the seller
FCAFree carrierPlace of the transfer to the carrier
FASFree alongside shipAlongside sea-going vessel in shipping port
FOBFree on boardSea-going vessel in shipping port
CFRCost and FreightSea-going vessel in shipping port
CIFCost, Insurance and FreightSea-going vessel in shipping port
CPTCarriage paid toDestination at named place
CIPCarriage and insurance paid toDestination at named place
DAPDelivered at placeDestination at named place
DPUDelivered at place unloadedDestination at named place
DDPDelivered at place duty paidDestination at named place