List with pre-press equipment

Image setters
Panther – Pro 62 RM-6image setter, OLP, 620 mmsmore info
Mitsubishi – Digiplaterctp, OLP, 414 x 580 mmsmore info
Plate processors
Proteck – Ruby 70plate processor, 700 mms widthmore info
Leframanual conventional platesmore info
Copyframes / exposure
Theimer – Spektra Proof Daylight 2150programs, 840 x 730 mmsmore info
SGB – 100006programs, 750 x 620 mmsmore info
Misc. equipment
Plate punches and bendersall types and sizesmore info
Densitometersvarious brands & typesmore info
Motors, compressors & pumpsvarious brands and typesmore info
Miscellaneousseveral items for pre-pressmore info

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