List with book binding equipment

book bindingShort descriptionlink
Schimanek – 10cardboard cutter more info
Universalbook casing-inmore info
Mekanotch Juniormilling notching machinemore info
Fortuna – 50 PU-AGsharpenermore info
Universal – Pressembossingmore info
Kolbus – ECKstraight corner cutter more info
Krause – ECKround corner cuttermore info
Etejade – T-4Ncorner pressmore info
Universalcorner pressmore info
Kokkelinkvacuum transport tablemore info
Jagenberg – Tunkers UAM1000top gluermore info
Muro – 3520cold glue book/blockmore info
Muro 41cold glue book/blockmore info
Planax 1188dryer platemore info
thermo binders
Powis Parker Fastbackthermo bindermore info
Planatol Copy Binder 3thermo bindermore info
Unibind XU 638thermo bindermore info
Thermo Prima 21thermo bindermore info
Foellmer C 1vibrating tablemore info
Planatoltable model joggermore info
Universal A3+floor model joggermore info
paper drills
various brands & typespaper drillsmore info
perfect binders
various brands & typeshot melt gluersmore info

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